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International Traffic links:

International communications traffic is conducted via a fully redundant satellite system.
The Island runs its own Telephone Exchange called "Norfolk Telecom".
Communication facilities are supplied by TNZI and Norfolk Island Telecom.
The Telephone Exchange is an Ericsson switch AXE 103 digital exchange.
The international digital link can divert gaming traffic directly from its International gateway to Norfolk Island.
Therefore, the international communication system that is available on Norfolk Island caters for many different requirements and configurations.
Full redundancy is built into the Earth Station on Norfolk Island and within the satellite system itself. With feed adjustments, the ground stations can be pointed to any available satellite.
The current available bandwidth capacity can be extended if necessary.
The earth station, which is an Andrews 9.3m Antenna, is near to the Norfolk Island Telecom site. A fibre optic connection link's the earth station to the Norfolk Island Telecom Building, which well protected.
A secondary ground station antenna is geographic isolated for redundancy purposes.

Telecommunication Services that can be provided include:

Broadband Internet (ADSL) including World Wide Web browsing capability,
2G GSM Mobile Network V/M & SMS Prepaid,
Telephone (International Direct: Voice/Data/Facsimile),
International Toll-Free,
Private Leased services and public Payphones.

Telecommunication and IT Technical Services include:

Norfolk Telecom technical personnel are highly trained in the following technologies, and are available for 24/7 response:

IP and internet protocols
Provision of VPN services
Provision of ISP services
Ericssons PSTN O&M
Ericssons Mobile Switch O&M 2G
Mobile Roaming and associated settlement procedures.
Provision of public billing and prepaid services
Satellite Transmission including standard international signalling protocols
Satellite technology and operating procedures associated with provision of international delivery of communications
Data transmission and subrate systems
Telehousing and remote hands maintenance
Radio signalling principles including O&M of Television (analogue and digital), broadcast of RF services, broadcast of television services, PABX Installation and O&M Optic Fibre installation and splicing and terminal equipment O&M



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