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.: Before making application any interested person is advised to read the following :.


The Norfolk Island Act of 1979: .....download here

As amended (which is Australian government legislation) - setting out the manner in which the Island is governed, the powers held by the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly, the matters that come within the purview and control of the Norfolk Island Assembly (includes gaming), and indicating the high degree of independence that obtains in respect of the governance of Norfolk Island by the local Legislative Assembly.



The Gaming Supervision Act 1998:.....download here

As amended (which is Norfolk Island legislation) - setting out the powers and responsibilities of the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority.


The Interactive Gambling Act 2001:.....download here

As amended (which is Australian Government legislation) - setting out the control of interactive gaming, including the prohibition of the promotion of interactive gaming (casino type games, not sports or race betting) and the taking of interactive gaming bets from persons in Australia.



The Gaming Act 1998:.....download here

The Gaming Act 1998, as amended or the Bookmakers Act 1998, as amended or both as the case may be (which are also Norfolk Island legislation) - setting out the details regarding the issue of licences.


Particular attention should be paid to the application processes and the various approvals that must be obtained before gaming/betting/bookmaking is permitted and/or conducted.

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